What is Applied Theatre?

Applied Theatre Workshops use proven techniques, based on Theatre of the Oppressed, boal smilingdeveloped by world-renowned theatre-maker, activist, and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Augusto Boal. Other strategies which enhance these techniques are also used to help participants move forward in their discoveries.

Boal believed that “we are all theatre” because, as human beings, we can all act, watch ourselves acting, and based on what we see, change what we do. Changes in our actions can, in turn, change the world around us. Theatre of the Oppressed provides a process for testing actions which can transform the societies and communities in which we work and live. It is a rehearsal for change.

Constructive dialogue provides the route to discovery, but words alone limit the scope of discussion and short-circuit the experiences needed to test the impact and practicality of actions. Applied Theatre uses whole-body/whole-mind activities to assist groups to clearly identify problems and actively rehearse solutions. The workshops release potential in individuals while building group cohesion and promoting positive change. Initiating more than just a dialogue, the process frees the thinking of participants and awakens their abilities to move toward agreed upon goals.