Forum Theatre – development and performance

2013-03-12 15.27.17Play Development

CAT works with groups to write and perform interactive Forum Theatre plays that explore issues of significance to group members or those for whom they work.
Projects have included: reintegration problems with men in a half-way house who have just left prison; getting through the day with students in a special “at risk” program; discrimination in relationships at a Native American high school; dealing with problems at home with Pathfinders (a support network for runaways); homophobia at an LGBTQ community center; snitching with a middle school group (a multi-media Forum combining live action and video); and coping with violence and discrimination with students at Milwaukee High School of the Arts.

Forum Theatre Performances

In addition to creating plays with participant groups, CAT maintains a performance Joey's Carcompany that tours interactive performances of Forum plays about issues particularly significant to young people (developed with Milwaukee Public Theatre). They include:

  • Joey’s Lunch Money Blues – a play about bullying that focuses on the role of bystanders and cultures of violence. The play has been performed nearly 100 times in schools, CLCs, and Boys and Girls clubs throughout the Milwaukee area.
  • Amy’s Addiction – a play about getting hooked on drugs. The target audience is Middle and early High School students.
  • No Good Reason to Stay – about dropping out of high school.
  • Party Girl – about sexual harassment. This piece is most appropriate for Middle and early high school students.
  • Persuading Tiffany – about the pressure to choose to be sexually active before one is ready. Most appropriate for grades 7 and up.