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Center for Applied Theatre

Developing New Workshops to Promote Justice and Activism

The Center for Applied Theatre uses techniques drawn from the Theatre of the Oppressed, developed by Nobel Peace Prize nominee, theatre director, and activist Augusto Boal, and those of The Virtues Project to assist groups to examine attitudes and habits, invite open dialogue, develop creativity, explore power and privilege, identify problems, and actively test solutions for real life implementation. We have recently focused our efforts on the development of new workshops that function as “transformative, creative and participatory inquiry into our social-political worlds” and that – beyond inquiry – are an opportunity for shared learning and development of methodologies from within the participant group for fighting oppression and changing the world.

Whether the desire of the group is to strengthen its own activism or to develop Forum plays for public performance and explorations of problems, CAT workshops remain interactive and collaborative explorations of issues and processes. We use game playing, storytelling, deep listening, and the visceral/emotional/ambiguous language of images to create spaces in which we can explore constellations of virtues in and across cultures, imagine our just and humane utopias, and commit ourselves to exercising and strengthening both inner resources and public commitment needed to progress towards them together. Our programs and workshops release potential in individuals while building group cohesion and promoting action towards change.

CAT will be redesigning this web page and publishing descriptions of workshops in the near future. Meanwhile, feel free to request additional information. Contact us today!