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Center for Applied Theatre

The Center for Applied Theatre uses techniques based on those developed by Nobel Peace Prize nominee, theatre director, and activist Augusto Boal, and those of the Virtues Project to assist groups to fight oppression, examine attitudes and habits, explore power and privilege, invite open dialogue, develop creativity, identify problems, and actively test solutions for real life implementation. Our programs and workshops release potential in individuals while building group cohesion and promoting action towards change. We pledge to actively support anti-racism in words and deeds!

This year has brought cancellations and new challenges. Our work with Milwaukee Public School students stopped short because of the pandemic. DEI workshops for museum employees, memory cafes, presentation at the PTO conference, attendance at Jana Sanskriti’s Muktadhara, and the training of new young jokers were all put on hold for the same reason.

But, we have been working as hard as we can to support anti-racist efforts and to continue our development of techniques to fight oppression. Jenny has continued her Virtues Project monthly discussions on line and has been offering white fragility workshops to various groups. Mark was part of the planning group for the international Joker Exchange and has helped form a TO and Youth group that is planning an international project to combat student oppression and the classroom-to-boardroom educational model. He is also editor of the PTO Journal and has added special sections on PO and TO during the Pandemic, and TO and PO: Anti-racism and Protest to the Fall 2020 issue. Together, we are designing a cop-in-the-head/analytical image workshop to focus on white fragility and unwillingness to intervene to support anti-racism.

As always, we are looking for new opportunities to serve educational institutions, NGOs, and activist groups as they develop progressive programs to transform themselves and their communities and to fight racism. As a 501c3 organization, we are happy to participate in grant writing to fund new projects! Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions or would like us to offer some workshops online or, in the future, at your location.

Applied Theatre Programs…

CLARIFY OBJECTIVES, BUILD SKILLS AND REHEARSE PRACTICAL ACTION by engaging participants in interactive theatre techniques and exercises to examine issues, plan actions, and practice strategies to become active participants in transformation.

DEVELOP COMMUNITY, INVITE OPEN DIALOGUE, AND FOSTER EXCHANGE OF IDEAS in a stimulating and supportive environment. Working together, participants recognize old habits, develop new responses, and envision positive change.

DEVELOP CREATIVITY while having fun doing whole-brain, whole-body activities which are designed to encourage individual initiative, self-awareness, personal accountability, and flexibility in thought and action.

EMPOWER GROUPS TO SOLVE PROBLEMS by actively exploring issues of concern. Participants imagine and practice ways to improve the communities and institutions in which they live and work.

CENTER for APPLIED THEATRE PROGRAMS transform ideas into action in ways that are challenging and supportive, entertaining and effective. CAT has worked with students, educators, administrators, worker organizations, youth groups, service associations, community centers, social justice activists, NGOs, and others to explore ways in which people can voice their concerns and become peaceful agents of meaningful change.

Let the Center for Applied Theatre design a program that fits your needs. Contact us today!