Arts Groups and Artist Collaborators

Below is a list of Arts groups, artists, and umbrella organizations with whom we have worked. While they do not exclusively focus on Applied Theatre, they support CAT and its work in a variety of venues and situations.

Media Makers

Many ways. many stories. Custom multimedia and video stories by Susan Borri.

Arts @ Large

Arts @ Large is a non-profit organization that connects arts to academics through meaningful arts experiences for Milwaukee Public School (MPS) students.  Arts @ Large was created in 2001 as an MPS district program with funds from the U. S. Department of Education.  To maximize resources for MPS students, Arts @ Large became a nonprofit in 2005, engaging the funding community as partners in arts education for K-12 students.

Milwaukee Public Theatre

Milwaukee Public Theatre has its roots in a profound belief in the arts as a healing resource that must be available to all people, regardless of age, ability/disability, culture, ethnicity or income level….Milwaukee Public Theatre workshops can be brought to any site and tailored to fit all ages and abilities and your business, school, community, or personal interests with over 50 professional artists offering a diverse range of activities from which to choose.