Video and Graphic Storybook Projects

  • River Trail School Peace Project – Imagine PSAs

    CAT and MediaMakers worked for seven weeks with third and seventh grade students to create a two-part PSA about recognizing elements of a pervasive culture of violence, articulating desires for peace, and imaging a more respectful and supportive environment. Students wrote the scenarios, performed in and video recorded them. Study guides for teachers on using the PSAs in anti-violence projects were written. The PSAs were shown as part of the Milwaukee Film Festival, exhibited as part of the Imagine Gallery installation, and have been used to support workshops on violence prevention projects at conferences and workshops. (Funded through Arts @ Large.)

  • Lancaster School – videos about developing supportive learning communities in school

During a semester long workshop series, CAT and Media Makers worked with K-8th Grade students integrating theatre into their regular studies and developing videos about how to create a supportive and respectful school community. Five videos were created. Here is a sample.

  • Vieau School – creation of film about cyber-bullying and bystanding

Over the course of three months, CAT and filmmaker Jenny Plevin used a variety of Theatre of the Oppressed techniques, story circles, physical storyboarding, improvisation, and devising techniques to create the script for a short film about cyber-bulling. Seventh grade students performed in the film. It was shown as part of the Imagine installation at the Arts @ Large gallery.

  • Imagine Project

    Over the course of 3 months, eighth grade students at Vieau School wrote, produced, acted in, composed the score for, and recorded several elements of an interactive multi-media gallery installation. For 10 weeks after the public opening, student groups took tours of the Arts @ Large gallery and then participated in Image Theatre workshops and discussions about violence prevention and empathy. (Co-created with MediaMakers; funded through Arts @ Large.)

  • Browning School

    Creation of a video with second grade students about positive choices to create a safe and supportive environment for learning. During this 9 week project, CAT used Image Theatre and story circles to develop the scripts for each vignette. Students cast, rehearsed, and performed each piece. Video recording and editing by Mark and Jenny; funding by Arts @ Large.

  • Graphic storybooks

A unique way of recording dynamized images and Forum-like explorations of choices, CAT works with young people to develop and storyboard stories through a variety of TO and related techniques. Improvisations yield an examination of problems and a variety of solution possibilities. These are documented in manipulated photos to which the young people add narration and dialogue. The young participants’ creative achievements are literally in their hands and their work provides a legacy.

Below are two examples that show how graphic storybooks document Forum explorations of problems and solutions.