Issue Exploration Workshops

    • adultsHIRE – Intra-office cooperation, leadership, and creativity workshops
      CAT used a variety of techniques in two extended workshops to assist the workers at HIRE (an NGO that assists displaced workers find educational and job opportunities) to deal with communication and other problems that were limiting their effectiveness.
    • Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence, University of Alaska-Anchorage
      A series of workshops about diversity training and facilitating difficult dialogues for faculty and staff.
    • Growing Food and Justice Initiative conferences
      Three workshops on community organizing issues.
    • Urban Teacher World workshops (Sponsored by UW-Milwaukee)
      During each of the past three years CAT has conducted workshops with economically disadvantaged teens at the beginning of a two week institute. Theatre of the Oppressed games and exercises were used to foster honest self perception, community building, goal setting, and personal responsibility.
    • Peer Mediation training for joint MPS/Marquette Law School symposium
      2013 was the third year in a row in which CAT used Forum Theatre to provide students in a daylong peer mediation institute with on-their-feet practice in using their skills to intervene in confrontation and guide others to resolution.
    • Bullying workshop series with CLC staff (Sponsored by Milwaukee Public Schools – Co-facilitated with MPS Violence Prevention coordinator Kim Merath)
      This series of workshops focused on techniques to prevent bullying, explore ways of imagining and creating cultures of support, respect, and non-violence, and guide students to do the same.