Forum Theatre Projects

  • ForumPrivate Industry Council

    Down the Employment Ladder, a Forum play about the problems faced by social service caseworkers who are trying to help people with limited English deal with the multi-level bureaucracy caused by the Employees Maintenance Act. The play was written and performed by CAT for workers and administrators of state and local employment services.

  • Story School

    Students wrote their own grant to create an arts project about violence. CAT and MediaMakers worked with them to develop a mixed media (live and video) Forum performance about bullying and snitching. The video and study guide were made available to a broader public. We returned in 2018 to create Forum plays about the experience of students who are recent immigrants and refugees, one of which was performed as part of the MPS Year of the Arts Festival on the Summerfest grounds!

  • UW-Milwaukee

    Through a series of workshops, discussions, and classroom activities with UWM Theatre students, CAT developed four Forum Theatre plays about problems associated with alcohol consumption. They were presented in residence hall gathering areas during the past two school years.

  • Milwaukee High School of the Arts

    Through Image Theatre, story circles, and other devising methods, students wrote and performed in two Forum Theatre plays with music – one about a violent relationship from which a young woman cannot free herself and another about making poor choices in response to pressure from parents. The third part of the performance was a series of images set to music that told the story of a gay teen driven to suicide by familial and peer homophobia. (Sponsored by Skylight Music Theatre and MPS)